Salvini would like to thank you for your purchase and informs you that if your new jewelry is stolen from you as a result of robbery or snatching, provided that you are wearing it at the time of the event, Salvini will provide you with an item of jewelry with the same characteristics, or if unavailable, an item with the same purchase value as the stolen item.

1. This warranty:
is personal and thus valid only if you own the object and it is in your possession or that of your cohabiting family members at the time of the covered event;
includes events that occur worldwide;
is not valid in the event of a false or fraudulent claim by the buyer;
covers robbery and snatching of the worn jewelry (other cases are excluded: theft, loss, etc.);

for the Salvini brand, the warranty is valid for jewelry with a value not exceeding 35,000 (thirty-five thousand) euros;                                                                                                 

2. How to activate the replacement certificate:                                                                         
IN A PHYSICAL SINGLE BRAND STORE/AUTHORIZED RESELLER: the replacement certificate may be activated by QR code, that will be provided together with the jewelry at the time of purchase, or using the following link, entering the requested data in the online form, within 30 days of the purchase date. The certificate can be activated independently or with the support of the store personnel.
ONLINE: the replacement certificate may be activated using the following link, entering your personal data and the details of the purchased jewelry, the material code and the equipment code, that can be retrieved in the shipping confirmation e-mail.
3. How to enter a claim using the portal.                      
If one of the events covered by the replacement certificate occurs, within 7 days of the event and on penalty of forfeiture of validity, the buyer must submit a detailed written report to the competent judicial authority for the territory where the event took place. Subsequently, the buyer may connect to their personal area, select the “Claim Report” tab, and following the guided steps, send the claim request independently. The outcome of the request will be communicated directly by FUNK INTERNATIONAL S.p.A.


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