Sunny Collection

A perfect emblem, an elegant design, a precious symbol that encapsulates the entire Salvini world.


The simple, feminine designs, the soft and enveloping rounded forms, the perfect proportions: Sunny jewellery reveals its precious architecture.
Classic yet contemporary, young but eternal, cheerful but balanced:
a collection that perfectly embodies Salvini’s values and creativity. A closed band is the motif of a collection to wear every day to express your style. Sunny is the perfect jewellery for a fashionable or bon ton look, whichever mood takes your fancy.


Rings, earrings and necklaces that pay tribute to the beauty of the sun, symbol of life. The sunrays come in the three shades of gold – white, yellow and pink – to encapsulate the magic of the cool tones of sunrise, the intensity of a summer’s afternoon and the romance of a sunset. Jewellery to experience and which is even more special in the variant with diamonds, dedicated to those that don’t want to forsake the sparkle of a full pavé.

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