Faith, Passion and Freedom. Wear your belief, wear Salvini’s iconic style.


Timeless signs, suchs as cross, heart and buttefly. Iconic and strong messages are a source of inspiration for Salvini in the creation of its jewellery collections. The jeweller has combined its creativity with the manual expertise of its artisans to reinterpret the collection and redesign its iconic symbols: the cross, the heart and the butterfly.

Strong symbols that clearly express the personality of those who choose to wear them.


Iconic, original, indispensable. A line of stylish necklaces with an original 3D design and a unique sparkling diamond on the back of each pendant – the signature detail of the Salvini I Segni collection – which the wearer guards like an intimate and precious secret.

Free Insurance

Salvini reserves you the exclusive free insurance service on your jewelry

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