Salvini is a brand whose jewellery exudes elegance, style and refinement, qualities exalted by its time-honoured artisanal method of processing precious stones, unchanged over time.


Salvini creates an iconic world of strictly Italian flair and craftsmanship. A story of elegance, style and refinement, eternal sources of inspiration for the company. Its roots are in Valenza, in Italy’s most prestigious jewellery-making district. Its inspiration is everywhere. Every Salvini collection is a journey, every item of jewellery is a passion, a quest for beauty and taste dedicated to lovers of all things beautiful, connoisseurs of style, people seeking emotions. The careful selection of the most expert gemmologists in addition to the unique charm of high quality precious stones and the expert craftsmanship of the best master goldsmiths.


Pioneer in advertising communications, Salvini has a contemporary and unconventional spirit and has stood out over time for its disruptive campaigns. World-famous actresses, models and actors, undisputed style icons that have taken it in turn to interpret the various different sides of Salvini’s multi-faceted personality. A personality dedicated to women, in every moment of their lives and at all times of day. “Because only a Salvini jewel is really yours”.