And still Apollo loved her; on the trunk he placed his hand and felt beneath the bark her heart still beating, held in his embrace her branches, pressed his kisses on the wood; yet from his kisses still the wood recoiled. – Ovid, “Metamorphosis”, I


According to the legend, struck by Eros’s arrow Apollo fell madly in love with the beautiful nymph Daphne but she rejected him and was turned into a tree as she tried to escape him. Inspired by the mystery and power of this love, Salvini has created Daphne, a stunning collection of irresistible charm that is destined for immortality.


The Daphne Collection is a triumph of white gold and diamond jewellery, items that stand out for their wonderful settings and exceptional brilliance. An extensive jewellery collection that will meet the desires of every woman, a line with its own distinctive character and elegance thanks to the light that emanates from the gold and diamonds.
From the traditional ring with one or more stones to the range of necklaces, and from the diamond earrings to the pendants with two stones, every item in this Salvini collection is an enchanting combination of brilliance and preciousness.

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