As precious as your happiness, as charming as your smile, as resplendent as your joy.


A jewellery collection that exudes happiness and that will win over fashionable teenagers and attentive women that love simple but charming jewellery. Perfect for adding the right accent to a daytime look that can be transformed with just a few touches into a suitable look for a special evening. Salvini’s characteristic symbols become a genuine paean to the spontaneity of happiness. Be happy!


Salvini’s timeless icons are able to symbolise the character and style of each and every one of us. Hearts, butterflies, four leaf clovers and crosses all feature in the Be happy collection in their most joyous and spontaneous guises – in simple designs or with precious pavé settings, reproduced on rings, lobe earrings, bracelets and necklaces in white gold with diamond pavés.

Free Insurance

Salvini reserves you the exclusive free insurance service on your jewelry

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