Two hearts beating as one. The Salvini collection celebrates Love, as pure and eternal as a diamond.


It is the heartbeat that sets the rhythm of the deepest love stories. It is the energy that reawakens the most sincere sentiments which inspires the Salvini BATTITO collection. A classic of traditional jewellery revisited in terms of its details so it only reveals the symbol of love par excellence to couples: the heart. An evergreen that returns to the fore to accompany lovers in the most important decision of their lives.


The solitaire is the absolute star: a glinting diamond set in an innovative and original system of prongs based on the design of the heart. The symbol of love also appears underneath the setting, in contact with the finger as if making an eternal promise, and on the outside of the band, where it is embellished with a sparkling little diamond. Also highly exclusive is the rose gold setting which echoes the femininity and allure of Salvini’s corporate colour.
The 3-diamond and half eternity ring, the lobe earrings and pendants and the delicate necklaces and tennis bracelets shine even more light on the BATTITO collection. Like little masterpieces that celebrate the loftiest of sentiments, there are also the precious wedding rings in the three shades of gold.

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