More than the first day, less than the last.
To love, more beautiful with every passing year.

Our advice

Whether you have been married for one year or twenty, a wedding anniversary is a special moment to celebrate the time you have spent together and to relive the emotions of that wonderful day. Here are a few tips for making this moment even more magical for both of you.

  1. Renew your vows. There is nothing more romantic than continuing to choose each other, whether 100 days have passed or whether 1000 days have passed. You could hold a symbolic little ceremony, organise a big party with the family or even just write each other a letter saying just how much you still love one another.
  2. Go on a trip. If a lot of time has passed you could go back to the places you visited on your honeymoon to see how they have changed and how you have also changed, growing together. Or you could choose an exotic location to spend a few days just on your own, away from everything and everyone.

Just for him

Get her a present. Give her something precious: an item of jewellery she can wear which reminds her how much you love her, just like the first day, or perhaps much more.

Which piece of jewellery to choose

According to recent tradition the eternity ring is the anniversary present par excellence, a renewal of the vow you have made to each other.
Because it pairs easily with other rings given in the past, the eternity ring is the perfect anniversary gift and can be engraved with your wedding date to make it even more valuable.
Women can wear it alongside their engagement ring or wedding ring without any problem.
An indispensable 25th wedding anniversary gift, the eternity ring in gold and diamonds is the most suitable for a silver anniversary.

The first year together is a landmark to celebrate: you could mark it with a piece of jewellery together with a pendant or a pair of diamond stud earrings – an eternity ring with three stones, for example.

One really stylish idea is to give her an eternity ring of a different colour, but the same model, every five years so they can be worn together: you could start with a diamond eternity ring then give her a sapphire ring for your 10th anniversary, a ruby eternity ring for your 15th anniversary and an emerald eternity ring to mark your 20th anniversary. In this case your 25th anniversary could be celebrated with a different item of jewellery, as long as it is made of gold and diamonds.

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