To create enchantment, arouse emotion; to bring radiance and charm to the wearer, becoming an essential part of the look: true masterpieces of Italy’s goldsmith’s art, Salvini jewels stand out for their contemporary design, strong aesthetics and extraordinary balance of forms.


Salvini has its roots in a tradition that places Italian jewelry at the leading-edge of the industry worldwide. Italy’s vocation and know-how have been passed down through the centuries from generation to generation while its dedication and specialisation have resulted in a unique production and artistic heritage in this competitive field of excellence.


Each collection reflects the evolution of times and the latest trends. Salvini is rooted in the present, but also progressively looks to the future and all the changes that it brings. It is synonymous with evolution, interaction and connection without physical or temporal limitations.


The Salvini universe is marked by strength, energy, positivity. lt features bold and vibrant colours, while moving away from dark, grey hues. Its colours are bright as the sun, clear as light with the warmth of joy.


The Salvini universe is a sociable world marked by sharing, plurality, and the joy of being together. It is a world without boundaries that sees unity as a driver for change, pursuing the shared goal of a better future.

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