Valenza is a town in Piedomont, Italy, where the prestigious international high-end jewelry production facilities were established and currently operate. Blending tradition and technology, it has been the heart of the goldsmith’s art since the early 1800s, transforming itself into a specialized jewelry district. Right in this prestigious location the Salvini Brand was born in 1986, springing from the entrepreneurial intuition of Damiani Grassi Damiani. It’s a celebration of the Italian Contemporary Jewelry, through contemporary collections marked by distinctive designs that are inspired by modern women and their emotions.

Salvini HistorySalvini History
Savoir FaireSavoir Faire


Every Salvini jewel is a unique work of art crafted entirely by hand by Italy's master goldsmiths, reflecting an age-old jewelry tradition with an alluring contemporary twists. Salvini offers Salvini offers every woman the chance to interpret their femininity, personality and needs by wearing precious, high-quality, uniquely designed collections. It's a brand that dares to dare; to intercept change and face new challenges. Because contemporary living means paying attention to the digital evolution and adopting a sustainable approach committed to social responsibility.
Salvini jewelry thus becomes a sign of recognition and a symbol of expressiveness and positivity. A way to write one's own story and affirm the strength and value of being a woman today.


The Salvini woman is curious, enterprising, positive, digitally minded, fashionable and fashion- conscious. But what really sets the Salvini woman apart is her ability to empathize with other women, to engage with them sincerely and loyally. Here we meet the new Salvini SOUL SISTERS, the perfect ambassadors for the new Salvini philosophy, which speaks of women with a beautiful "plural" message that is powerful, engaging, innovative, but also light-hearted and fun.

Salvini WomanSalvini Woman

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