Advertising: the Salvini woman over the years

A true pioneer in advertising and communication, Salvini has always been known for its campaigns featuring world-famous actresses, models and actors with something in common: their exceptional personalities and innate elegance. Over the years they have each reflected the many aspects of Salvini's multi-faceted style.

Salvini is opening its first flagship store in Via Montenapoleone, 25/3 in Milan.



Like a sensual snake, the jewellery in the Precious Loop collection embraces and dresses the body with its clean, contemporary lines that emphasize the brilliance of the diamonds and the mastery of the craftsmanship.


Cross, heart, and butterfly, in other words faith, passion and freedom: symbols that have always represented the Maison are now back in a new advertising campaign in the I Segni collection.


Essential, glamourous and with a strong personality. "Easy to be chic collection is the first step in to the fascinating Salvini's world

Eva Longoria 2014 Constellations Collection

A face and a smile that enhance Salvini’s fine and elegant communication, that tell about femininity and the character of a woman with a thousand facets and with a sophisticated personality: the Salvini woman.

Eva Longoria 2014 Abbraccio Collection

The advertising campaign by Salvini is made more precious by the enchanting smile of its testimonial, Eva Longoria, a woman gifted with enthralling charm and intriguing beauty that famous fashion photographer James White...

Eva Longoria 2014 Frammenti d’autore Collection

Worldwide famous and gorgeous American actress Eva Longoria fully represents the Salvini woman of our time: feminine, elegant, successful and extremely professional, engaged in several activities and in humanitarian aid...

BRIDAL 2014 Collections

Your love promise. The most beautiful day. The birth of a child. An important anniversary. Unique moments of your life that become unforgettable thanks to a Salvini jewel, to remind you every day of the value of your loved ones.

BE HAPPY 2014 Collection

Be Happy, in white and pink 9-kt gold, features a modern style capable of appealing without showing off and that makes of simplicity its most seductive character. Perfect for any moment of the day.

Eva Longoria 2013 My Light Collection

Eva Longoria is famous worldwide for her bright and seductive role as Gabrielle, played in the very popular series "Desperate Housewives" that brought her a best-actress nomination at the Golden Globe Awards in 2006...

Eva Longoria 2011 Hollywood Collection

Salvini has always conveyed the many facets of romantic, yet self-confident women, with a distinctive and strong personality. Consistently with this approach, Salvini has chosen as testimonial for its jewelry the famous American actress Eva Longoria.

Luis Figo and Helen Svedin Figo – 2010 SEGNI and CODE Collections

For the 2010 campaign, Salvini selected a great couple: Luis Figo and his wife Helen Svedin Figo, who perfectly represent Salvini soul. A beautiful couple that unites professional success in their respective sectors with a strong romantic relationship...

Raul Bova 2007 Black e H₂O Collections

The Salvini 2007 campaign depicts an extraordinarily expressive Raoul Bova thanks to swift looks and gestures, expressing a dual masculine and feminine nature, in which strength and realism come close to dreams and sweetness in a series of very moving images.

Sharon Stone 2004 SEGNI Collection

In the 2004 - 2007 campaigns, Salvini has a new testimonial: the energetic and gorgeous Hollywood star Sharon Stone. Michel Comte is the artist who was able to skilfully capture her pure essence for Salvini.

Francesca Neri 1998 – 2000 Segni Colletion

The Salvini 1998-2000 campaigns feature a mysterious woman, impersonated by gorgeous Francesca Neri, photographed by Christophe Kutner and Daniela Federici, and characterized by a renewed femininity that admits changes...

Francesca Neri 2001 – 2002 Perle Collection

Francesca Neri continued to be Salvini’s testimonial in a more transgressive campaign created by Karina Taira, while in 2001 it became more seductive thanks to the style of Gian Paolo Barbieri...

Renee Simonsen 1987 – 1989

For Salvini, it is the time of Renée Simonsen, who inaugurates the trend of the top models as testimonials of lively and unconventional advertising campaigns. Renée is the symbol of a woman that chooses and loves to continuously reinvent her style...