Talent and integrity go into shaping fine jewelry

Secrets and techniques are handed down the generations to reaffirm the extraordinary value of Italian-made jewelry. This culture has made Valenza and the surrounding area one of the most prestigious centres of traditional jewelry making in Italy. The history of the brand is built on creativity, inspiration, innovation and passion.

The mark of quality
Salvini jewelry is quite unmistakable. The quality of the stones and the perfection and precision of the craftsmanship make the brand unique and distinctive. Manual skill, exceptional attention to detail, innovative design and the finest raw materials: all this goes into making real masterpieces of jewelry.

The highest profile, a flair for beauty and balanced shapes make Salvini jewelry exquisitely harmonious and dazzling at first sight. The elegance, details and precision of each Masterpiece is reflected in all Salvini's creations. Our designers are constantly experimenting and redrafting, trying out new shapes and moulding metals and precious stones with their creative skill. Design takes shape. Shape takes on new beauty. Beauty brings joy.

Salvini purchases all its diamonds exclusively from suppliers of conflict-free precious stones as required by UN resolutions, thereby preventing proceeds from being used to fund conflicts.
Complying fully with the Kimberly Process ensures that Salvini upholds fundamental values such as safeguarding labour conditions and respecting personal rights.

Salvini overcomes the daily challenge of innovation with the conviction of a great brand and the confidence built on experience. We look to the past to celebrate our roots, and look to the future to affirm our ability to shine in new markets with our jewelry.

Every piece of Salvini jewelry is exclusive, for its beauty, charm and the way it brings joy to the wearer. It enhances the personality with its sheer light and enchanting style. This is what it means to be exclusive.