Italian wedding rings by Salvini: make the best day of your life unforgettable

The circle has always been used to symbolise love, perfection and the continuity of life, and wedding bands are the ultimate emblem of these values. The ancient Romans believed that the vena amoris or "love vein" ran directly to the heart from the left ring finger, hence the custom of wearing a wedding ring here. Over the centuries, wedding rings have taken on different connotations and purposes - reflected in their opulence - as well as celebrating love and a life lived together. For any couple, choosing a wedding ring is one of life's most important and exciting occasions. They will wear these precious, symbolic pieces of jewelry for the rest of their lives. A ring that brims with different meanings: faith, love and shared lives.

Italian wedding rings by Salvini: make the best day of your life unforgettable.

Classic style is evolving, bringing an original touch of freshness to traditional jewelry. Salvini has "freshened up" the look of its wedding rings without compromising on their symbolic meaning: Italian wedding bands by Salvini are original designs which keep pace with the latest trends.
Traditional yellow gold Italian wedding rings by Salvini have evolved in recent years to include different types and colours of gold, making them distinctive and unique: rose gold for a chic, slightly retro look; white gold for an original touch; and gold and diamond for more sophisticated tastes.

Infinity, First Date and My Light Bridal. Italian wedding rings by Salvini: when two emotions are joined to create a single story.

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