Gold rings: precious jewels and ultimate token of love

A symbol of both religion and authority, over time the gold ring has become the ultimate token of love as well as a precious item of jewellery.

Since time immemorial, rings have been given to set the seal on a romantic troth.

Emblem of a sentimental union, the gold ring has always been the ideal symbol of eternity, of life's continuity and of perfection through its unbroken circular shape.
The tradition of the ring finger probably comes from an ancient Catholic rite. The celebrant would touch the first three fingers of the left hand, saying "in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit", before placing his ring on the fourth finger. A more romantic explanation for this custom goes back to ancient times, when it was thought that the "love" vein ran directly to the heart from the tip of the left ring finger.
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