From classic pearl necklaces to glittering gold necklaces with diamonds and precious gemstones: exquisite Italian necklaces by Salvini

The necklace is probably the oldest and most fascinating item of jewelry in history. It sits close to the wearer's heart and mind, filling it with significance. Over the centuries, gold necklaces have been made in a myriad of styles and gold-working techniques, reflecting the changing tastes and fashions of the day. After the Renaissance, necklaces became the sole preserve of women; lighter designs and materials were used and the emphasis shifted to the precious stones which adorned them. Today gold necklaces retain their unique allure and are loved and worn by men and women alike.

A host of different creative sources go into making Italian necklaces by Salvini. Elegant, modern, precious; deliciously feminine or unequivocally masculine, they stand apart for their exceptional craftsmanship, superb materials and original design. The skilled touch of master goldsmiths can be seen in the painstaking attention to detail and elegant blend of gold, diamonds, precious stones and pearls, helping to forge Salvini's necklaces distinctive style.

Diamond-studded Italian gold necklaces by Salvini in white, yellow, rose and black gold are the brand's stand-out pieces. From the traditional diamond stud necklace to on-trend designs made from silver or other cutting-edge materials such as ceramic, without forgetting classic, timeless pearl necklaces, an absolute must in any woman's jewelry collection.

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