Italian engagement rings: diamond rings are the perfect symbol of a loving bond

Since time immemorial, the engagement ring has been an emblem of love and a gift, sealing a marriage proposal. Its historical significance has been heightened by the diamond, a pure, peerless stone which enhances the value of an engagement ring as a token of eternal love. A solitaire ring is always more precious than a wedding band, whose strength lies in its simplicity.

Salvini diamond rings: exclusive gifts that are simple yet precious.

Proposing with a Salvini diamond ring means expressing your feelings with an everlasting jewel, reminding your fiancée of your love with every passing day. The perfect simplicity of an Italian engagement ring by Salvini combines the noble skill and dexterity of expert jewellers with the stunning purity of our stones.
Each Salvini diamond ring comes in a choice of different settings: from romantic and traditional to ultra-sophisticated and modern.
Salvini diamond rings are all authentic: they come with a warranty certifying the carefully selected materials and finest precious stones, subject to stringent gemologist controls in keeping with international standards and treaties.
Italian engagement rings by Salvini are a powerful, everlasting symbol of a value which goes beyond appearances.
Show her you love her: choose a Salvini engagement ring from the Infinity, Josephine, Domizia and Eleonor collections.

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