From Salvini diamond stud earrings and Salvini pearl earrings to designs with precious stones: reflections which light up every woman's face.

The earliest earrings date back to 3,000 BC, and they have enjoyed lesser and greater periods in the spotlight ever since. Earrings - and pearl earrings in particular - rose to prominence once again during the Renaissance. The 17th century saw a new alternative to pearl earrings in the diamonds earrings, giving the jewelry a new lease of life.

Earrings bring light to a woman's face, emphasising her expressions and making her eyes and smile more intense. Italian earrings by Salvini are always featured in the brand's collections, often found in elegant matching sets with a ring, bracelet and necklace. Italian earrings by Salvini might be simple, in an exclusive design made from precious metals alone, or adorned with gemstones, pearls, stunning diamonds or colourful decorations. Ceaseless innovation in design and creative solutions, the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, and a delightful touch of Salvini style go into forging irresistible, ever-new creations in white, yellow, pink and black gold and silver, in stud and drop versions.

Salvini diamond stud earrings and Salvini pearl earrings: elegantly timeless
The simplest Salvini diamond earrings feature a single precious stone in stud form: Salvini diamond stud earrings are multi-faceted jewels perfect for all occasions.
Salvini earrings with multiple diamonds epitomise pure elegance, in a wonderful combination of gold and precious stones with the eternal allure of sophisticated luxury.
Pearl earrings by Salvini are another jewelry classic, ideal for all occasions and perfect for daytime. Pearl earrings by Salvini are a timeless, ever-stylish choice: highly prestigious and of impeccable quality, they are expertly crafted by master jewellers to reflect every woman's taste.

Elegant or casual to suit the occasion, but always stunning: just Italian earrings by Salvini.

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