From classic gold bracelets and glittering tennis bracelets to gemstone bracelets: exquisite Italian bracelets you can wear every day.

The bracelet, from the Latin brachile ('of the arm') via the French barcel, is one of the most popular items of jewellery for women and men, dating back to the dawn of civilisation. Be it simple or intricate, the bracelet has always "revealed" something about the wearer. The Romans, for example, would wear a gold bracelet on their left wrist as a symbol of military valour. Over the centuries the bracelet has naturally taken on new forms and materials, becoming a mirror of the prevailing tastes, styles and fashions of each era. Today it remains one of the best-loved and most popular items of jewellery.
Bracelets come in an endless variety of elegant, modern, luxurious variations, enhanced by innovative or classic design, superlative materials and excellent workmanship.

Italian bracelets by Salvini, both for women and men, are must-have items of jewellery. In a host of designs and variations, Italian bracelets by Salvini are a creative blend of materials - white, yellow, pink and black gold and silver - exquisite diamonds, coloured stones and gem stones.

Some of the best-known, classic Salvini accessories include its tennis bracelets: historic gold Salvini bracelets featuring a simple yet elegant row of identical diamonds in a flexible in-line setting. They form an unbroken circle, with no beginning or end. The perfect piece of jewellery to show your everlasting love.
The Salvini tennis bracelet also reflects contemporary tastes, with its own modern, unconventional flair. An example? Italian gold bracelets with black diamonds or coloured stones: new pieces designed for men but often chosen by women looking for a more assertive style.

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